What Dreams May Come


Nov 24 2019 at 3 pm
MacNeill Baptist Church,
1145 King St W, Hamilton

Strata performed the Canadian premiere of Stephanie Martin’s “Requiem for All Souls”! We were  thrilled to present this beautiful work by Canadian composer and conductor Stephanie Martin, which was commissioned by All Souls’ Church in San Diego, California, and premiered on All Souls’ Day, November 2, 2017.

Many people don’t realize that the music commissioned by churches for performance during Masses, holy days and other ceremonies forms a part of what we now call classical music,” says All Souls’ Director of Music Ruben Valenzuela, who conducted the premiere. Martin’s twenty-five-minute “Requiem for All Souls” is set to the traditional Latin text of the Requiem Mass and will be performed a cappella. Valenzuela describes it as a work of pure, beautiful vocal music grounded in traditional church music.

Martin, associate professor of music at York University’s School of the Arts, Media, Performance and Design; director of Schola Magdalena (a women’s ensemble for chant, medieval and modern polyphony,) conductor emeritus of Pax Christi Chorale; and past director of music at the historic church of Saint Mary Magdalene in Toronto, is also a prolific composer of choral works.

In addition to the Canadian premiere of Martin’s composition, you will hear a variety of works by big name contemporary composers to complement the Requiem: the bright and sonorous “Ave Maria” by American composer Kevin Memley; Alejandro Consolacion’s soulful “Alleluia”; Eric Whitacre’s “Sleep”; Eriks Esenvalds “The Long Road”; John Tavener’s moving and contemplative “Song for Athene”; and Billy Joel’s exquisite ballad “And So It Goes.”

Read A Requiem for Everyone by Barbara Hampson for publication in the November issue of the Choirs Ontario Newsletter.


  1. Ave Maria - Memley Strata Vocal Ensemble 4:45
  2. Requiem for All Souls I. Intro Strata Vocal Ensemble 4:13
  3. Requiem for All Souls II. Kyri Strata Vocal Ensemble 3:08
  4. Requiem for All Souls III. Dom Strata November 24 2019 4:34
  5. Requiem for All Souls IV. Sanc Strata Vocal Ensemble 3:19
  6. Requiem for All Souls V. Angus Strata Vocal Ensemble 3:01
  7. Requiem for All Souls VI. Lux Strata Vocal Ensemble 5:34
  8. Requiem for All Souls VII. In Strata Vocal Ensemble 7:01
  9. Alleluia - Consolacion Strata Vocal Ensemble 5:22
  10. Sleep - Whitacre Strata Vocal Ensemble 4:46
  11. Song for Athene - Tavener Strata Vocal Ensemble 5:47
  12. Long Road - Esenvalds Strata Vocal Ensemble 6:45
  13. And So It Goes - Billy Joel ar Strata Vocal Ensemble 4:45
  14. Walk Down That Lonesome Road - Strata Vocal Ensemble 2:56


Credit: Bruce Papky

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